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  " at leve er at lære - at lære er at leve"


Build yourself a Great ARC to the future



To Vanessa Lawrence and her team with thanks for a great Cambridge

Conference 2003


Try to remember ! - Dare to recall !

What was FUN -before .

You would want to conquer all the Universe

Change all rules -for better or worse.

You would be "nosy" - eager to leam.

Always ask for more.

Dare You still do it?

Are You up to it?

What are You waiting for ?


Take the first step- and go where You please

Trust Your conscience - do !

Leap into the future - Aren't You ready yet?

You can change the terms You will get.

Jump to conclusions !

Make Your mistakes !

Never be a bore!

Trust You can do it

There' s nothing to it.

What are You waiting for ?


Dump your "reservations" in the fire of "temptations"

And your troubles to.


Grasp the moment - Do !


Ah! when your dreams comes through.

I will rejoice with You.


Fancy an ARC of "Dreams coming through",

Build for me and You.

Leading through to everywhere we want to go

Who can stop us - now that we know?

Build me that ARC of wisdom and truth

I will be building to.

Just go and do it

There 's nothing to it

What are you waiting for ?



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Cambridge July 2003-07-23

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