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  " at leve er at lære - at lære er at leve"


Tribute to John Leonard



A Mappers dilemma


A "Mapper" who lost his direction

was chocked by his own irnperfection.

I am weary and dreary !

Is this Tipperary ?

I fear that my maps needs corrections.


W hat happened to Molly Mallone ?


In Dublins fair city sweet Molly,

got tired of wheeling her trolley.

Say ! You wheel my barrow

through streets broad and narrow!

and I shall stay healthy and jolly.




There was a good fellow named John.

A friend -If I ever had one !

He was up to his job

and never gave up.

So it's no fun -that he's gone.



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Kommentar :

John Leonard var en meget god ven i det europæiske kortsamarbejde. Han gik på pension i 2001

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